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Why get life insurance?

Many people in the UK don’t have life insurance.  In fact, a recent study calculated that a staggering two thirds of people have no life insurance cover at all.
What this means is that their family has no financial back-up should anything go wrong.
Let’s say you’re the main ‘bread winner’ in the house for your family and children.  What would happen if you suddenly weren’t there for them?  Would they cope financially?
Without life insurance the mortgage would still need to be paid, the school fees will still need to be paid and obviously any household bills and loans wouldn’t go away.
If you have life insurance then you have a financial security net, so if you suddenly weren’t there, those you love the most wouldn’t have to worry about those bills or that mortgage.
While none of us likes to think about life insurance it is something that can give you peace of mind and give you a way to continue to look after the family when you are no longer around.